Hidden Jewel of the Caribbean.

Montserrat is a forgotten Caribbean jewel. Before the volcano of ‘95 the island was teeming with Rock Legends, Calypso Kings and Queens and characters from around the world. The volcano made the southern part of the island uninhabitable and caused a great deal of destruction. However, 20 plus years later the other half of the island is thriving and the reefs are healthy. It’s a quite, worry free island filled with proud Caribbean culture and stunning views above and below the sea.

How to get here.

The most straight forward route would be via Antigua (VC Bird Airport). Flights from Canada, the USA, the UK and across the Caribbean region land in Antigua 7 days a week.

Once you make it to Antigua you have a couple of options. There are 2 small aircraft operators that service Montserrat. They are Fly Montserrat and SVG Air. The flight takes 15 minutes, or you may prefer the 1hr 30 minute ferry crossing.


There are lots of awesome places to eat here on Montserrat, both Caribbean and Western cuisine.

Montserrat is known for its West Indian cuisine such as, Goat Water, Jerk Chicken, Grilled Fish, and my personal favourite Roti.

Some of our favourite places to pick up local dishes are, Good to Go (open Friday and Saturday), Summer Breeze (favourite Roti), People’s Place and Pont’s Beach View.

For more western dishes we love Isle Bay Beach Bar (amazing sunsets, open Thursday-Sunday), Rosemie’s Salem Pizza Parlour, Olveston House and Good Eats .

Looking for your coffee fix? Try out Hilltop Coffee. David and Clover run a not for profit coffee shop and the unofficial museum of pre volcano history. Love classic rock? This place is a must stop for some awesome history.

Things to do

We obviously prefer to spend most of our time below the water, but if you’re looking to do other activities while on the island we recommend checking out some of the hiking and nature trails, beaches, and the MVO volcano observatory.

No visit to Montserrat is complete without a guided tour of the exclusion zone. A registered guide will be able to bring you closer to see the destruction of the volcano and recount stories from their time on the island during the disaster.


There are short term rental villas available through Tradewinds Real Estate and Emerald Isles Real Estate. As well as options through AirBnB.